In this small section I have decided

This says a lot about this visual layout designer. Compared to other visual editors, such as ( or ), the way the website is designed is outdated, the latter is more intuitive, and has a ( see-and-go ) design system, which can display the design on the front-end without leaving the layout or doing an external preview. Here you can see how ( English) uses the layout website: the real-time editor of the page generator Key features allow you to select any theme without encountering compatibility or integration issues.

looking for somewhat more "retro"

 Even if you change the theme, the content will not change, thanks new data   to the layout is done directly in the editor, in fact it has a similar interface and can be used with standard widgets. You can define the exact number of columns per row and the exact size of each column. This flexibility is due to its row constructor. In addition, you can use several additional plugins from the same developer in your repository to add more functionality and customization to your visual layout: and .

images for some special work

It is a very modern and creative template that allows you to create websites on any topic, such as businesses, portfolios, online stores, blogs, magazines, digital newspapers, etc. In addition to the standard visual layout designer templates, it also has multiple  CZB Directory  pre-designed templates of its own. In addition, it provides its own widgets for the page builder. With this, you can create personalized header designs( thanks to its multiple pre-designed templates), footer, and fully personalized

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