The offer should be appealing to a specific audience

While weekends usually have low open rates overall. Your audience may be one that is more available on weekends. Such as mical professionals. It’s more important to focus on your specific audience and how you can target them rather than looking at general data. You also ne to keep time zones in mind. Your 11pm could be someone else’s 8pm. Which is not an “optimal” time for email opens or clicks. According to the data above.

When people are getting ready for the day.

The purpose of your email. Is the purpose of your  email to get a sale? You may want to skip sending emails first thing in the morning. When Email List people are getting ready for the day. Instead. Waiting until lunchtime or after the traditional work day might garner more interest from your email. How often you send emails. Nobody likes to be bombard with emails every day. Or even multiple times a week. From the same company. Spacing out your emails can go a long way to building interest. Usually. Less is more when it comes to email marketing. Bottom line: look at your data within your email marketing service to learn the best times to send emails.

Attention-grabbing popups for your site

email list

It will give you the best idea of what days and times work for your emails and your audience. Make the most of your emails there’s a lot that goes CZB Directory into email marketing. And a lot of that comes with time. Practice. And patience. It’s one of those things that you’ll learn more as you go along. As each audience is different and requires a distinct approach. Follow these email marketing tips for some inspiration to grow your list. Still working on building your email list? Try powr’s website popup builder to create powerful. Attention-grabbing popups for your site. Through a partnership between sharethis and powr. The popup builder is now available to publishers directly from the sharethis platform. So it’s easier than ever to get start.

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