Collaborative Articles LinkedIn’s New AI-Powered Engagement Feature

Along with a plethora of other new features and tools,  has recently announced Articles. This new feature is designed to bring in opinions and advice from professionals across the platform in answer to prompts from artificial intelligence. The new feature is intended to provide several benefits.

Here’s a summary straight from LinkedIn themselves

According to LinkedIn, “Members possess a mind-blowing ~10 billion years of professional experience. Billions of trials and experiments, of mistakes and successes, in nearly every country and every industry.”

We can see their point. That is an incredible knowledge storage and being able to tap into that sounds like a fantastic idea. But is it all sunshine and digital roses, or will there be a downside too?

1) Wide range of topics
AI can come up with far more topics and ideas in va much shorter timeCollaborative Articles LinkedIn than humans ever could. This Whatsapp Database could lead to an explosion of content on LinkedIn with a discussion of far more subjects than the platform currently has.

2) Genuine visibility for some
Some members will be able to use this feature to contribute their expertise and gain wider visibility. If they take the time to provide quality content, that can contribute to them being seen as an expert. Such exposure could open doors for new contacts, new clients, and greater opportunities.

3) It’s a potentially great opportunity for marketers and content writers
This is another service content writers and marketers could offer to clients. Professionals can simply offer to write top-quality content on this platform too. And marketers within companies should be able to find ways to use this for subtle promotion and visibility for their companies too.

How much visibility really

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If there’s going to be a huge amount of new content across the Collaborative Articles LinkedIn platform, who will be able to keep up with that? And can contributors add enough content to gain visibility? We also don’t yet know if LinkedIn will CZB Directory make more of already existing experts and well-known contributors. Will a response by Joe or Jane Bloggs, for example, get as much visibility as an answer by Richard Branson.

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