Paid Verification On Social Media Is Becoming More Accessible

Remember when having a verified account on social media was a dream for most influencers and creators, and a “must-have” for brands to testify their authenticity? Well, this dream now has a price and can be purchased by anyone on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Since it first appeared on Twitter in 2009, the blue mark aims to testify to the authenticity of notable business accounts and public figures

What’s the story behind the verified accounts

As we mentioned, it all started on Twitter in 2009, after a legal fight between Twitter and the baseball legend Tony La Russa. The whole situation involved another user account trying to impersonate Tony in bluebird land and at the time, there was no easy and effective way to distinguish between real people and Whatsapp Data fake accounts. As a response to this lawsuit, Twitter unveiled the verification to help identify impostors.

Following the same steps, Instagram launched the blue mark in 2014, right after achieving 300 million users worldwide and becoming bigger than Twitter. A nudge to Twitter, perhaps?! We can’t tell precisely, but the goal was the same: improve authenticity and keep Instagram free from fake and spammy accounts.

As you could see, the seal stamp on social media had only one purpose since day one, and it was all about authenticity – an often-claimed word in the digital world. But now things are about to change, apparently.

And what can we expect from it moving forward

In addition to that, things for Twitter are even more tumultuous, since the platform already lost many of its top advertisers last year and is desperately trying to make the platform profitable again by testing different approaches. With that in mind CZB Directory  it makes sense to see these two giants trying to find other ways to generate revenue. This time, via subscriptions.

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