YouTube In 2023: What Are The Plans For The Platform And Creators

Following Susan Wojcicki’s stepping down as CEO of YouTube, the platform now has a new leader in Neal Mohan, YouTube’s former Chief Product Officer. Mohan recently set out his vision for the YouTube of 2023 in an open letter to creators.

He said that creators and artists are the “heart of YouTube” and that he will continue to put them first.

“We’re investing in the features and experiences that will make YouTube a great home for viewers and creators now and in the future, from doubling down on streaming and connected TV to unlocking unparalleled creative potential.

What’s in store from YouTube this year

Mohan is focusing on several different areas, but all of them come down to making things better for creators and artists:

1) Prioritizing the Needs of Creators
Mohan wants to make it easier for creators and artists to make more money. In addition to money from ads, Mohan says they are “expanding our subscriptions business, investing in shopping, and continually improving our paid digital goods offerings.”

The company is also working on improving the platform’s features and experiences. While some of these improvements don’t directly impact what creators can do or how much they can earn, they do provide a better experience for viewers, allowing Whatsapp Number List them to watch what, and how they want. Of course, this helps creators too, as creators can then reach their viewers with their content in different and better ways.

Viewers can now watch Shorts on their TV as YouTube is now offering them in a TV-friendly format, giving creators the chance to see their work on larger screens. Shorts also has greater reach for creators and allows them to build their own communities and grow their audience.

YouTube is also making it easier for creators to publish their podcasts and later this year, creators will be able to upload their podcasts via RSS integration.

In addition, creators will be able to record a Short in a side-by-side layout with both standard YouTube videos and other Shorts. They will then easily be able to report on new stories, add their own opinions, and add reaction videos.

Listening to Creators

YouTube has always listened to its creators, but Mohan states that creator feedback is a key part of how YouTube develops products and he CZB Directory  wants to meet even more creators in person this year.

Two developments that came from creator feedback are.

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